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The number one reason why Italians are asking for loans has to do with the renovation of the house. This is what the latest edition of the Observatory shows that at the end of May 2016 explains how in the first 4 months of the year the loans disbursed to put back their homes are equal to 34% of the requests while those to change the ‘furnishings are 16%. Adding the two percentages leads to 50% of the total disbursements requested. Immediately after the house the Italians ask for a loan for the purchase of a used car, in this case the percentage is equal to 21.8%. More generally, 19.6% of loans were granted for a period of 60 months and 15.3% for a period of 36 months.

Average amount of loans and age range

The average amount of loans disbursed amounted to 11,746 euros, down compared to the first six months of 2015 (12,003 euros). 30.4% of loans disbursed amount between 5,000 and 10,000 euros. If we look at the different geographical areas, the loans are stable compared to the previous surveys of the aforementioned Observatory: in the North, the percentage is 39.2%, in the Center around 22.1%, in the South and in the Islands 38.7%. For the age group, the most disbursed loans are those relating to the 36-45 age group (38.2%); in second place loans in the 46-55 age group with 26.5% of the requests.

Home loans

As regards mortgages for the purchase of housing, the average loan granted in the last six months amounted to approximately 118,000 euros (-3.8% compared to the survey of six months ago) on the levels recorded at the end of 2015. According to the survey of the Observatory which reports a slight fall in both the amounts disbursed and the loan to value, compared to what is in any case a general growth in disbursements and a tightness of the entire market for home finance.

The average loan to value, ie the percentage paid in relation to the value of the property to be purchased, fell in the six months to 53.5%, still well above the psychological threshold of 50%. The gap between the amount requested and the amount granted rose to 4.6%, that is, to the levels of a year ago, while in the six months before the gap it had practically zeroed. The average age of the borrower remains stable at 40 years as well as the duration of the loan granted, equal to 21 years.

Italians confirm that they prefer fixed-rate mortgages, equal to 64.5% of the total loan applications. The variable rate instead “catches” about 28% of all financing applications. Regarding the purpose of granting the loan requested, up to six months ago the subrogations accounted for 59% of the total, a percentage dropped to 50% in the last six months. Mortgages for the purchase of the first house are increasing, the purpose of which concerns 39% of the disbursements.

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As time that passes the next few years, however, more and more people grew to become comfortable paying bills, checking out balances and transferring amounts between accounts through on the internet transactions

This was partly because of the generally-higher levels of acceptance associated with Internet use over the years (remember, the Internet itself is only regarding 15 years old), plus partly due to the lack of scary stories about online banking. In other words, people knew they might trust it.

I believe the main element to more clients, a lot more income, and more time away from, is making your business operate like a well-oiled machine. At this time, you may be handling everything your self, or perhaps delegating a little bit of this. The problem with that is your company is probably running YOU, instead of you running your business. Which probably means lots of things is falling through the breaks, which then means lost possibilities and fewer clients plus less money coming in.

Everyone at some point in time has already established some sort of emergency come up. No matter the situation may be a sequel loan could be what you need to return to your feet again. When you utilize you only need to provide your own personal information, employer as well as come with an open bank account online no deposit.

To be able to take advantage of no credit check installment loans you’ll want the nationality of US, a good age of above or corresponding to 18 years, a stable work from last 3 months plus an active checking bank account in the different reputed bank of US. In case you are able to meet these circumstances then it would not be challenging for you to have cash in the number of $50-$1500. This is this kind of scheme that gives you chance to have cash with ease plus comfort.

Here is what I am talking about. You could purchase 2000 gallons of the newest, best extremely juice that will cure every single disease known to man. You can remain there and look at this in your garage, then return inside to check your bank account open online and find there is no change. A person didn’t make any money! Exactly why?

Did you actually ponder why the number of clients having an online bank account is definitely increasing day by day?

Certainly, because online banks offer amenities that enjoy the best protection system. They bring their finest effort to protect financial and private information of their clients. The internet bank service utilizes the particular advanced encryption and safety software to ensure you the security and protect your account through the hackers.

At this point, you wonder if it might have been faster to go to the financial institution in person. This is exactly the point at which personal awareness needs to kick in plus go “Hey this is not really worth losing you’re great over! ” Essentially an adverse situation can be instantly overturned. Simply because you witness your own buttons getting pressed yet decide to remain calm. Possibly, you even live with someone that seems to “push your buttons” often.

Please note that short term loans bad credit have increased rate of interest. So in this respect when the applicant fails to repay the particular loan amount, he will become legally liable for the penalty. The particular applicant must fulfill specific prerequisites to avail these types of advances. For that, he can be a permanent resident of UNITED KINGDOM and over 18 years old and should have a valid banking account. Online availability of such money is their peculiar features. It tends to save your money and time.

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Creating a Poor Credit History and not having the ability to obtain a loan or a bank card is something of the previous

Lenders realize that these days their biggest market is definitely people who have bad credit. The lender will calculate the danger and then offer set conditions and terms for either a loan or even a credit card.

Think of a payday loan as an improvement on your future paycheck. This is actually the best type of personal loan to obtain when you just need to be fronted a bit of money for something very important- Get A Loan That Meets Your Standards. You can then use a long-term paycheck to pay the mortgage back, and all is right in your world.

These days, it’s simple to get a credit card and then invest like crazy on all the things which you enjoy. This can become an issue when you do not pay that will credit back. This means that you are unable to make the monthly payments or you do not pay them back promptly. This can result in bad credit score and what this means is that you may have a bad credit history which will consequently make it harder for you to obtain a loan for any type of anything. However, this is simply not a dead end type of situation. You can actually climb away from that debt by testing out personal loans for bad credit. Here are a couple of probably the most famous kinds of loans.

Many bricks and mortar conventional lenders will ask a person about your property or various other valuables that they would like you to have as collateral to secure unsecured loans

Online lenders do not issue their borrowers to this kind of checking. They are not really worried about your credit history or how this got that way. And you can discover an online lender who will not really ask you to offer your home or even other valuable property as collateral.

When you are after assured quick personal loans you will slow your self down by trying to visit your bank to get a mortgage. The fastest way to obtain what you are after is to use an internet lender that can get you money in a hurry. You will want to realize that guaranteed quick personal loans are going to be transferred to your bank account and this is definitely an easy process.

Ask a number of questions before you receive a payday loan. Read the fine print and make sure you understand how the payday loan company could keep your confidential information personal. Be sure to get all the information you’re looking for so that you’re not surprised down the road.

Don’t cash out your pension or 401(k) accounts. The total amount of those accounts will be protected up to over $1,000,000. Keeping those assets secure for your future should be a concern.

It which loan you have used you have to repay your mortgage amount and interest rates simply in time. This habit can help you in the future to get an additional loan.

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By “Zugewinngemeinschaft”, the law automatically refers to a marriage for which no marriage contract has been concluded. Thus, any marriage without a contractual arrangement is a gain community.

Gain is understood to mean the wealth left over from the difference between the starting and ending assets of both partners.

After a divorce, a compensation can be made on the claim if a partner has gained more assets during the marriage. This compensation is called gain compensation. Above all, it is relevant for the partner with less wealth. The amount of the claim is the difference between the two final assets at the time the divorce application is served.

Registered partnerships


Gain compensation can be applied for not only after a divorce, but also after a termination of a registered civil partnership.


Compensation is made as a sum of money

Gain compensation takes the form of a payment, as it is usually difficult to distribute individual assets fairly. However, spouses can make deviating arrangements for the gain compensation.

Modified Zugewinngemeinschaft

 Modified Zugewinngemeinschaft

A modified Zugewinngemeinschaft combines the advantages of a Zugewinngemeinschaft with an agreed property separation. If the modified Zugewinngemeinschaft is selected in the marriage contract, a spouse has the advantage that only half of the assets created during the marriage of his deceased partner must be taxed. At the same time it is agreed by the modified Zugewinngemeinschaft that it does not come in the case of a divorce to a gain compensation.

For this special form of the Zugewinngemeinschaft valid, it must be certified by a notary.

Calculation of the gain compensation

 Calculation of the gain compensation

The gain in a marriage is defined in Section 1373 of the Civil Code (BGB). Accordingly, it is the amount that remains above the final assets after deducting the initial assets.

1373 Civil Code


Gain is the amount by which a spouse’s terminal assets exceed initial capital.


This calculation can be done by both spouses. In practice, the gain is shared by two and distributed to ex-partners. In order to determine the profit sharing, a statement of the assets of both partners is required. All existing assets are considered. Debts at the beginning of the marriage are also included in the calculation.

Initial assets and final assets

The initial assets comprise the assets each partner had at the time of the marriage. The final assets are the assets that each partner has at the time of the divorce.

Here, however, not the divorce judgment counts as the deadline, but the date of the delivery of the divorce application to the spouse. Thus, in 2009, a protective provision was introduced which prevents the possibility of a transfer of assets which is detrimental to the spouse entitled to compensation.

Not important for the calculation of the profit sharing is what was paid by which account during the marriage.

Example: Partner A has a fortune of € 20,000 at the time of the marriage, and Partner B owns € 8,000 at the wedding. During the marriage Partner A has only slightly increased his assets to 23,000 euros. The assets of Partner B stagnated at 8,000 euros. That is both wealth at the time of filing the divorce petition.

In order to calculate the gain compensation, the respective initial assets and final assets are now offset against each other. This results in a gain of 3,000 euros for Partner A and 0 euros for Partner B.

The surplus of the gain is therefore 3,000 euros. The gain-sharing system provides for half of each for each partner. Partner A and Partner B will each receive € 1,500 as a profit-sharing bonus.

initial wealth

 initial wealth

The initial assets comprise the accumulated assets contributed by each partner into the marriage. The time of the marriage counts as a deadline. The initial assets are defined in Section 1374 of the Civil Code as “the property of a spouse after deducting the liabilities at the time of the matrimonial event.”

These include, for example, securities, real estate or cash and other valuables. Since a change in the profit adjustment, negative net worth is also taken into account. So also the debt can be included in the initial assets. The initial assets are then negative.

This fortune is not taken into account

Donations or inheritance are excluded from asset growth. If a spouse achieves a fortune in this way, it is automatically added to the initial assets. With a possible gain compensation, it is thus not taken into account. The legal basis provides paragraph 2 in Section 1374 of the Civil Code.

1374 para. 2 BGB


(2) Property which a spouse acquires by death or with regard to a future inheritance law, gift or equipment shall, after deduction of the liabilities, be added to the initial assets, unless the circumstances give rise to the income is.


Calculate initial assets

Initial capital calculation is only a sum of existing assets. It must be deducted possible liabilities. For example, if a spouse owns a property that has a market value of € 400,000, an existing mortgage of € 150,000 must be deducted from it. The starting capital in this case is then 250,000 euros.

Separate assets during the marriage


The assets that the spouses acquire during marriage belong to them separately for the duration of the marriage. Only in the case of a divorce, the assets are included in the profit-sharing.



Continuing payment It is not always easy to determine the initial assets of the spouse. For these special cases, the law has its own rules:

  • You do not know your fortune at the time of the marriage or it can not be proven exactly: In this case, the legislator assumes under paragraph 1377, paragraph 3 of the Civil Code from an initial assets of 0 €. It is therefore recommended, before the wedding to record the asset exactly and to prove for example with bank statements.
  • Existing debts at the time of the wedding: If debts are present at the wedding or are higher than the assets, a negative initial assets are assumed according to paragraph 1374, paragraph 3 of the Civil Code.
  • Inheritance and Donations: If a spouse inherits or receives a donation, this property will be added to the initial assets pursuant to Section 1374 (2) of the Civil Code. The aim of this provision is that the profit sharing only takes account of the assets of the spouses.

right to information


If a partner applies for a profit sharing, there is a right to information against the other partner. According to his obligation to provide information in accordance with section 1379 of the Civil Code, he must provide an overview of his initial assets and the final assets.

If there is an urgent suspicion that a partner has removed assets during the separation, he is also obliged to provide information. However, there must be evidence of a possible asset shift from the partner requesting information.


future value

 future value

The final assets include all assets available at the time the divorce application is served. The origin of the assets does not matter:

  • The entire fortune that existed at the time of marriage
  • Property from inheritances or donations
  • Fortune made with money from inheritance or donations
  • Profits from lotteries
  • Received pain money
  • Surrender value or fair value of life insurance assets

Waste and negative fortune


If a partner wastes his fortune, it is still counted as the final asset. However, evidence of waste is required.

Like the initial assets, the final assets may also be negative if a partner is in debt by the deadline (notification of the divorce petition).


Gain compensation with debts and inheritance?

 Gain compensation with debts and inheritance?

Basically, an inheritance is added to the initial assets. However, if the inheritance is not spent during the marriage and there is still a fortune at the time of the divorce, it will be included in the final assets.

The debts of a spouse are also included in the calculation of the profit sharing.

Example: Partner A has 30,000 euros at the time of the wedding. During the marriage, he inherits shares from a relative worth 100,000 euros. At the time of the divorce, these securities have a value of 150,000 euros. His partner starts with a fortune of 10,000 euros in the marriage. When both divorced, the assets grew to 20,000 euros.

The initial assets of Partner A is therefore 70,000 euros, his final assets 150,000 euros. His gain is 80,000 euros. The gain of his partner is 10,000 euros. The netting between the two final assets results in the gain of 70,000 euros. Due to the gain compensation, both partners will receive 35,000 euros.

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A residential Riester contract guarantees every home buyer allowances from the state. That sounds great, but not worth it.

If it’s true what building societies say would be a blessing to all residential Riester. This would allow home buyers “build equity more quickly” and pay off loans faster. Finally, the state shoot 900 euros in allowances to year after year for a family of four. Paired with a building loan with which young people could secure the historically low-interest rates for decades, that sounds like a lush gift. Therefore it is not surprising that the number of residential Riester contracts is growing every year, only 2,015 of around 150,000 units. 1.5 million Germans have one.

A freelance writer in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

It is also the only Riester savings shape At length appreciably. The shoe uppers with mutual funds hardly grow, bank savings plans bob up there and the number of Riester pension schemes is steadily decreasing. The Riester has an image problem unless it comes to real estate. But is residential Riester really super idea to get quickly into the debt-free home, as is often claimed a lump sum?

Financial Calculator: Housing Riester Comparison

That is not right. Really is the matter of the allowances: 154 Euro basic allowance paid by the state per year, for the spouse as well, and for each child, under seven years there are 300 euros on top. And there are tax breaks that are set off against the allowances: Little earners with children benefit most from the allowances, with high earners the tax benefit is higher – at least in the savings phase. For now, the hook comes. What residential Riester commercials not break down – and building society advisers do better than ever, so were tests – is the phenomenon of “deferred taxation”: All funding received must be taxed at the age. And here comes in 30 years together quite something.

Suppose a 37-year-old saver will pay off till 67 with living Riester a condominium. He must also, incidentally, because the loan must be repaid upon retirement. So the homebuyer pays at least the required four percent of its gross income to pay off the loan and can also deduct a maximum of 2,100 euros in amortization costs from the tax. The 2100 Euro is the maximum rate of funding and tax breaks that are possible every year. It is precisely this support given sums the state year after year on a fictitious home subsidy account – and they still bear an interest rate of two percent per year. He remembers what he has lent to the savers and later gets a portion of it back.

But taxation is not the only hook

After 30 years, the home subsidy account is 86,000 euros heavy. The homeowners must pay tax. For a normal retiree with 27 percent tax rate, this means around 23,000 euros. Either he pays the one time – if he can – he gets 30 percent discount from the state. But as soon as one has in Immobilienabzahler expiration of his loan even a five-digit sum in store. Or he stutters them up to 85 years of age from, with just under 100 euros a month, 1,300 euros a year. That will hurt. Nevertheless, financial experts recommend the installment because the one-time payment catapults the tax rate in the year concerned at the current pace, that a 30-percent discount is an equal perdu. Only those who get more than 3000 euros pension imagine better with the lump sum.

But taxation is not the only catch. The terms of the building societies are another. Who is young, has to accumulate enough capital first. Since the interest rates of the building societies are not just a turbo for the account: You are in the residential Riester a meager 0.1 to 0.5 percent credit interest. And they are for years. Less the fees are after ten years Save usually less money in the account, as savers have deposited during this period – including all allowances that they have meanwhile received from the state.

And the incredibly cheap loans that young people should be secured for the future? The Riester lending rates are at 2.35 to 2.65 percent. Mortgage brokers and banks currently only require 1.3 to 1.7 percent interest on loans. If so you should really 30 years building society shoe uppers?

Especially since there are still as another condition: Riester savers must use their property themselves, from the purchase, until retirement, and even another 20 years beyond. Otherwise, they have to repay the entire promotion, so is the law. Especially young people should, therefore, consider carefully whether they can really tie up to 50 years at a residence.

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