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Consumer credit on the Internet

Online consumer credit is the best way to lend money if you need to make a major purchase or investment urgently. Most often, consumer loans are used to buy a new car, to repair a home or, for example, to go on a holiday abroad. Consumer loans offered by creditors usually range from three hundred […]


Home loans and mortgages | how is the market

  The number one reason why Italians are asking for loans has to do with the renovation of the house. This is what the latest edition of the Observatory shows that at the end of May 2016 explains how in the first 4 months of the year the loans disbursed to put back their homes […]


Purchase Cds Or Put Your Hard Earned Money Into Savings

As time that passes the next few years, however, more and more people grew to become comfortable paying bills, checking out balances and transferring amounts between accounts through on the internet transactions This was partly because of the generally-higher levels of acceptance associated with Internet use over the years (remember, the Internet itself is only […]


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A residential Riester contract guarantees every home buyer allowances from the state. That sounds great, but not worth it.

If it’s true what building societies say would be a blessing to all residential Riester. This would allow home buyers “build equity more quickly” and pay off loans faster. Finally, the state shoot 900 euros in allowances to year after year for a family of four. Paired with a building loan with which young people could secure the historically low-interest rates for decades, that sounds like a lush gift. Therefore it is not surprising that the number of residential Riester contracts is growing every year, only 2,015 of around 150,000 units. 1.5 million Germans have one.

A freelance writer in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

It is also the only Riester savings shape At length appreciably. The shoe uppers with mutual funds hardly grow, bank savings plans bob up there and the number of Riester pension schemes is steadily decreasing. The Riester has an image problem unless it comes to real estate. But is residential Riester really super idea to get quickly into the debt-free home, as is often claimed a lump sum?

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